GEM IT UP! Jewellery...

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My name is Raquel and I am the Jewellery Designer behind GEM IT UP! Jewellery. From a young age I would create SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL jewellery for my friends and family.

How this business came about...

I wanted to purchase a bracelet ( the same one as my Chaton Bracelets) but I could not believe the price. Since I had a background with jewellery I decided to source out the materials and make it myself.

A lot of compliments and orders later, I as a new mom I decided to take the plug and open up my own business so that I could provide other women with beautiful creations at affordable prices.

I can create CUSTOM pieces for yourself or a loved one. All I need is a picture and I can give you a quote.

Thank you for your support and I hope you treat yourself to something special today!